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Gamified Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Engaging Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Gamification brings a Fresh Take on Diversity & Inclusion

We’ve seen a lot of success with a gamified approach to the subject. It’s a great way to drive the message subtly without being prescriptive, and our clients have seen amazing results in terms of engagement and adoption.

For example in the Equity Snakes & Ladder Game, employees replace unfair practices, with fair and impartial ones, at home and the workplace, to move forward and aim to reach the last leg quicker and better than the others. 

Games while building awareness, also create safe spaces for free flowing conversations which trigger many mindset shifts. For example during one such intervention on gender equity, it was an eye opener for many male leaders when they heard how female team members felt discriminated on not getting demanding roles post having a baby while the leaders thought they were being empathetic and supportive in doing so; A business head always picked a women team member to organise food for team gatherings and many more..

Some popular gamified D&I concepts which bring out key takeaways like Challenging stereotypes, Breaking Bias, Appreciating Fair Play, Sharing Equal stories and Collaborating to win are:

  • Equity Games
  • Diversity Feud
  • Theatre for embracing Equity 
  • DEI Parade
  • Equity Circle
  • Equity storytelling, Art & Music