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As organizations deal with an ever-changing business environment it is imperative to groom talent for both immediate and long term needs. Leadership development has evolved over the past years and Mentoring is one of the most important discussion topics in all “Talent Grooming Strategies’ ‘. Mentoring enhances productivity, performance and longevity of an employee in an organization.

A 4 X 4 Mentoring Program is built around Four Pillars (Detailed Infographic attached)

Organizations are also connecting with us to conduct “Mentoring Weeks” where they can explore, experience and seek employee feedback before introducing the more tangible, long term mentoring interventions.

Some popular interventions include:

Short Term / Day long interventions

  • Reverse Mentoring, Peer-to-Peer mentoring
  • Mentoring Circles, Mentor walk
  • Speed Mentoring
  • Happiness Mentors
  • Digital Engagement – Online Mentoring, Thanking your Mentor
  • CSR – Career Mentoring for underprivileged children / young adult

Long Term intervention

  • Mentoring with impact / ROI measurement
  • Situational Mentoring (For Transition, Succession, M&A etc)


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