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Rod Bending

Molding Collaboration

Imagine you were asked to bend an iron-steel re-bar, a 10mm construction rod, with your neck? What would that do for you, if you could? Derived from Martial Arts, the Rod Bending activity is one of our most powerful breakthrough activities. Two participants pair up with each end of the iron-steel bar on their neck. In moving forward to embrace each other, they are able to bend the rod. The act itself brings to fore some very powerful learnings like the importance of having a common vision and common goal and commitment in making collective success a personal responsibility! It also brings forward the realization that sometimes commitment to deliver results needs personal sacrifice.
To move beyond personal inhibitions and develop the appetite for risks are the key objectives. One understands that professional success rides on personal contribution and commitment. Motivating oneself to align with the professional goals and aligning expectations is the result of the Rod Bending activity.

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