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Story Telling

Building Connections through Compelling Narratives

The secret of change is to focus all your energies not on fighting the old but on building the new. This quote by Socrates, sums up what we the story-telling experts are out to do. We are passionate about making a change and in helping create new and powerful narratives, meaningful partnerships, and facilitating the exchange of expertise.

In doing the above we wish to use Stories as a vehicle for change. Stories we believe win hearts, change minds, and get results! We aim to get stories to differentiate, connect and influence. Every organization and almost every person’s a treasure trove of stories. These stories have power, experience, knowledge and they can teach so much. The concepts from stories can be applied in new areas and uniquely impact more people & processes. Stories carry the seeds that need to be preserved & nurtured!

Listed below are a few story-telling formats:

  •     Storyathon
    ● Data Storytelling
    ● Mindful Storytelling
    ● Seller to Storyteller
    ● Culture Library

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