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International Yoga Day

Harmonize Your Body, Mind, and Soul on International Yoga Day!

Welcome to the Corporate Yoga Programs, designed to bring health, balance, and productivity to your organization.This programs offer a unique opportunity to enhance employee well-being, reduce stress, and foster a harmonious work environment.With flexible program options and customizable sessions, this program caters to the needs and schedules of your busy workforce. Whether it’s a revitalizing morning class to kickstart the day or a rejuvenating session to unwind after a hectic week,the Corporate Yoga Program is designed to fit seamlessly into your business routine.

Some of the attractive programs include:

  • Computer Ergonomics & Chair Yoga
  • Therapeutic Yoga for Cervical Spondylitis
  • Therapeutic Yoga for Back Pain
  • Diabetes Management – Prevention and Control
  • Relaxation & Stress Management
  • Mental Health – Yoga for Mind and Brain

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