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World Cultural Diversity day

Diversity is strength

Cultural diversity is what makes our world so vibrant and interesting. It is the source of our creativity, innovation, and resilience. It is also the foundation of our shared humanity.On World Cultural Diversity Day, lets learn about different cultures, share our own cultures, and build bridges of understanding. We can also take action to promote respect for all cultures and to build a more inclusive world.World Cultural Diversity Day is a day to celebrate our differences and to build a more inclusive world. Let’s make the most of it!

Some of the engaging activities include

  • Did you know? Helps you learn about the diverse cultures
  • Appreciate Diversity
  • Fashionista, Wear clothes of your region,let people know you better!
  • Stereotype wall-Break the stereotypes
  • What do they know about us? Be curious, educate yourself as well as others

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