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POSH Gamified Policy

Who wants to be a POSH Champion?

You think you know all about the POSH policy of your organisation, but do you? Let’s find out! Get ready for the most exciting quizzical experience with POSH questions thrown at you one after the other against a timer. Get the maximum of them right to glide straight to the top of the leaderboard. Confused about an answer? No sweat! Use a lifeline and ace it! But remember, time and lifelines both are limited; use them smartly. Let’s show them who’s the POSH champion!

Game Features –

  • A single-player game that is great as a reinforcer of POSH policies or energy booster
  • Pick the right answer, use cues, and brush up on your quizzing skills
  • One of our most celebrated games, this one shows your sincerity towards the company’s policies
  • Boost engagement with this fun, in-house game no matter where the employees are located

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